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A Special Message from Virginia Rose:

It’s been such a pleasure to work with Nyle DiMarco and I look forward to joining Nyle in giving back through the Nyle DiMarco Foundation. Please come back soon for my Limited Charter Special Edition series of works featuring Nyle, with a portion of all sales proceeds going to Nyle’s Foundation and our shared goal to make the world a better place for all Deaf people and their families.


"There is no one word or phrase that can describe Virginia Rose Hodges. Working with her is an easy going, breath of fresh air experience. She has this tendency to make you feel very comfortable and right at home.  Her professionalism is second to none, and the amount of experience and wisdom she has gained from this industry is something that would kickstart any client, to reach their maximum potential. Her  coaching is spot on and she will do almost anything for her clients, whole heartedly. Going above and beyond, working with Virginia Rose Hodges will be an experience never to be forgotten. More than likely if you've worked with her once, you'll be working with her many more times." 

Christopher Quaglia

Exel Model & Musician( Mass Relay)


"My experience with Virginia Hodges was amazing .She is very gifted and very professional. I refer many of my clients and friends to her because I only want the best for them and that would be Virginia. . Thanks Virginia sharing your talent with so many people and I am happy one of them was me .. Luke"

Luke Loy (Former TLC HMUA)

Hair by Luke (Martinsburg)


"Virginia is an amazing photographer, I had the pleasure to meet her at a photo shoot where I was working as a make up artist. She has such a positive attitude, amazing directional skills when she is performing photo shoots, and is very humble. Her photos have made me gain clients & have made it on to magazines. I enjoy working with her.

Lucy Hernandez (make up artist)

Chicago, Il


"Virginia Hodges is not only an incredible photographer, which is clearly seen from her work, but she's a phenomenal person. Her skills in the industry have caused my career as an actor and model to bloom, and I am forever grateful for her professionalism as well as her friendship."

Chris Goode (Actor/fitness model)

Los Angeles, CA


"Virginia Hodges is my favorite photographer of all time. As a model, I use the photographer's energy to let my poses and attitude and persona grow further... and she gave me the energy of a fireball. Our ideas collaborating were endless and unique and jaw-dropping. I will never forget that photoshoot! Not only is she the most talented photogrpaher I've ever worked with but she's has a kind and supportive heart. Virginia brings out the best of models when in a photoshoot. And if you need proof, you can look through her portfolio. Thank you, Virginia for who you are and what you do -- talent oozes from you! 

Krysta Privoznik (Model)

Chicago, Il


"Virginia Rose Hodges"....what CAN one say about this incredible talent? She walks into a DARKROOM...and illuminates.....this woman is followed, loved and respected for her works NOT only as a model, model mother, actress....AND one of the MOST sought after the U.S. Flogged by many a fanfair...she stays true to her craft....and always a trusted business woman.....and.....friend...I am have her in my life!.......Thank You VRH....for making me "SHUTTER"....when I see your works!.....breathtaking, creative, new, now, hap~nin.....well....YOU!...........C.H.

Christopher Hale (Stylist)

Contessa Bottega


I first met Virginia in Chicago at an Old Hollywood photo shoot and found her to be one of the most friendly and professional photographers I have ever worked with. Because Virginia was so positive and complimentary with all the models that day, she created a rarely experienced calming work environment that we all appreciated and that resulted in amazing work products.  I’m a big fan of Virginia’s art work and am so impressed with her unique vision, dedication and hard work, which speaks for itself when I viewed her gallery of work. I’m very fortunate to have met an artist/photographer like Virginia and hope to work with her again in the future. If you want a professional who will put in the time and effort to provide you with the best photos ever, I highly recommend Virginia!

Alex C. 



Sometimes you meet such an amazing person in the most unusual way. Virginia Hodges was photographing the fashion runway show at Caesar Palace in Atlantic City, and we showcased some of our avant-gard couture right in between Michael Kors and Tiffany Diamonds. She graciously sent us some of her amazing photos and we instantly became facebook friends, inviting her to shoot here with us in Chicago. Several years and many photoshoots and runways later, we are still completely bedazzled at her talent and unique eye for capturing just the perfect pose! Besides being the very best at her craft, she has a heart of gold and is unstoppable in her work ethic and ability to focus with dozens of models and support personnel buzzing all about. She has been a true friend and amazing blessing to us and our Couture House. Bright and cheerful and upbeat, everyone benefits from her gifts. It is unusual to find all that in one professional! We wish her all the success in the world!

Jena Garcia (Designer) J-na Haute Couture

Bridgeport Art Center


"Virginia Rose Hodges is a truly gifted photographer, but also an absolute pleasure, personally. I've had the opportunity to work with her, as a makeup artist, on several shoots. Always the consummate professional, she brings positivity, knowledge, skill and her innate ability to direct, onto every set. I very much look forward to our next endeavor- and with my highest recommendation, I encourage you to hire her to elevate your next photography experience."

Jessica Hillery

Make up artist

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